Taylor’s Accessible Branding Solutions was forged in 2020 at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic by Taylor Arndt, after she was laid off from her job, she put into practice the concept of Accessibility First and it has become the imperative that drives us.
In association with other freelancers who aspire to live by the Accessibility First Initiative, our organization can provide Full Stack Web Development, Accessibility First Initiative consulting, Content and Copywriting, Career Management, Technical and Business Writing services.
Our freelancers on staff include individuals who are legally blind and bilingual (native English and native Spanish) speakers who understand the need for a world that is more accessible. Our combined knowledge of web content development, programming, and business technical writing grants us an edge in a world full of diversity and opportunities.
We have had the privilege of being able to support entrepreneurs, companies, non-profit organizations, and individuals like you who are joining the Accessibility First Initiative.

Meet the Staff

Taylor Arndt

Our Founder and Chief Executive Officer hold over four years of professional work experience in Section 508 and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1+ compliance. When Western Michigan University had budget cuts due to the then-developing COVID-19 pandemic our CEO was laid off.

This prompted her to engage the changing world with a new imperative. The Accessibility First Initiative encapsulates the desire to live in a world that is more accessible.  With a guiding ethos, Taylor Arndt established Taylor’s Accessible Branding Solutions to forge a world that is more accessible.

Luis A. Ramos

Our resident content and copywriting specialist has a combined 10 years of experience in business and technical writing with a focus on editing and proofreading. He partnered with Taylor Arndt as his professional goals aligned with the Accessibility First Initiative that Taylor’s AccessibleBranding Solutions represents.